Find the top online casinos that accept UPI payments

It is downright amazing how fast Indian citizens switched to online payments and made cash obsolete. The leading gaming brands, including most popular betting sites and top online casinos, immediately recognised the opportunity and presented their Indian customers with plenty of safe casino deposit methods.

Leading this charge is definitely UPI. United Payment Interface is used by millions of people every day, who rely on it for secure transactions in every field of economy. The ease of access and popularity made UPI very enticing to gambling brands, so now it is hard to find an Indian casino that does not accept UPI.

It is precisely for this reason that our experts set out to help you find the best casinos that accept UPI. This banking service and app is completely safe to use at casinos with a valid Indian licence, and in this article we’ll explain just how to do.

Once you read up on our review, you will be able to make deposits, avoid any surcharges and grab a stunning welcome bonus at Indian gaming websites with the best offer of slots, roulette or other fast casino games.

How to use UPI at Indian real money casinos?

With more than 100 million active users, with almost 400 established Indian banks that users can link inside the app, UPI is a natural companion of the best real money casinos.

Do you wish to top up your account using UPI with just a couple of hundred rupees? Or perhaps you want to have a bit more fun and invest thousands of rupees to your account? UPI can help you with that, which makes this a standout payment method in various Indian casinos.

Before we tell you how to deposit money via UPI or use UPI to withdraw funds to your bank account, let’s first look at some of the best features of this app and banking service. After you read our helpful guide, you’ll definitely pay more attention to UPI.

  1. Let’s start with the eligibility. If you are an Indian citizen with a valid phone number and any bank account, you can install UPI on your mobile device for fast payouts in Indian online casinos.
  2. We’ve literally struggled to find an Indian casino that does not accept UPI gladly. In fact, there are so many of them that we’ve had to make a whole list of features just to make a best casino list. We’ll go in detail a bit later, but in the meantime, you can check out our trustworthy reviews of several leading casinos and bookies on our website
  3. This all means that if you plan to make a deposit with UPI, you’ll be looking at the widest selection of top casino games. That also includes sports betting, for our readers who just can’t get enough of cricket, kabaddi or English Premier League.
  4. Security is always the first thing that comes to mind when talking about online payments, casinos included. With a UPI ID, which acts as an identifier, and 2-factor authentication process, you’ll never lose access to your account.
  5. UPI is pretty much universal. Even some other payment methods that we’ve covered, like PhonePe, rely on UPI interface, which is why so many Indians are using it every day. Furthermore, you’ll be able to track your transactions on your phone.
  6. One of the beefs that we have with alternative payment methods in Indian casinos is the complicated withdrawal process. But when it comes to UPI, the withdrawal to your bank account and this dedicated banking app is easy as pie. In our humble opinion, it is the best method for money withdrawal from Indian online casinos.
  7. Speaking of casinos and transaction methods, there are those that just do not offer a welcome bonus when you register and top up your account for the first time. UPI has no such problems – make sure you use UPI and grab that stunning bonus.
  8. Not only that, you can also count on various special offers such as reload bonuses. These promotions offer a nice percentage to top off your investment on a particular day of the week, for example.
  9. Last but not least, you won’t have to worry about minimum and maximum deposits too much. For sure, there are limits to UPI payments, but they are pretty convenient for the majority of players, whether their casino journey has only just begun or they are a seasoned customer.

How to deposit with UPI to casino account

There are plenty of banking apps that support UPI, and one of the most popular is definitely BHIM, which was launched in cooperation with National Payments Corporation of India.

With BHIM or any similar app, you can link your various bank accounts through UPI, add the UPI pin and then start using it online – including at the very best Indian casino apps.

Kindly note that only bank accounts can currently be linked via UPI – mobile wallets and alternative apps are not accepted.

If you already have a UPI app, then all you need to do is visit the official website of a licensed Indian casino (we recommend you try RajBet, for example, after reading our honest review of that page) and follow our simple instructions.

Here is how to deposit with UPI payment.

  1. Register to make your first deposit and get a bonus. If you already have an account, login with your email or your phone number and look for the Deposit option.
  2. UPI should be in the “Recommended methods” tab, so click on it and decide on the amount. The limits are often clearly visible.
  3. Tap “Confirm” and then enter your UPI ID to formally initiate the transaction.
  4. You will get a push notification on the UPI mobile app of your choice, like BHIM app India. Open it to accept the transaction. Confirm if needed.
  5. The payment is practically instant, but if it takes more than 15 minutes, definitely contact the customer support.

Features of best rated UPI casinos for real money

Establishing a list of top UPI casinos in India is not easy at all. That is why we’ve had to use our experts’ opinion on what makes a casino site great when it comes to various payment methods.

These are the leading features that you should note.

  • If you wish to use UPI in Indian casinos, you quite literally have limitless choices ahead of you. This is precisely why you should take special precautions. Don’t forget to find a license information to check legality of Indian online gambling outlet. If it’s missing – keep away.
  • While UPI is among the most popular of the payment methods for gambling, it’s not the only one. We’ll test different casinos to check not only if they accept UPI, but what are some alternative transaction modes in case you wish to shake things up.
  • UPI is quick, but the speed sometimes depends on the interface and user experience of a particular betting site or Indian casino app. It’s great when you can make quick deposits, and those casinos always get the best grades from our writers.
  • But what about money withdrawals? That is correct, you can use UPI to transfer winnings to your linked bank account, but some casinos let you do that faster than their competitors.
  • Unlike UPI apps for banking, which have their own customer support and often speak a plethora of languages of India, there are scarce options for customer care at certain casinos operating in India. Our experts’ tip is to find a casino that values you and your time.
  • Seeing as there are many UPI casinos, one of the best ways to single them out is to glance at their welcome bonus offer. Even if it sounds amazing, it doesn’t hurt to read the fine print, i.e. wagering requirements for that bonus or any other special offers.
  • Global casino brands have now entered the Indian market, and they brought with them hundreds and thousands of best games for gambling. They also include Indian-friendly tables for poker or Asian-themed video slots, which we truly appreciate.

Best Indian casinos for UPI

It is time to reveal our list of top UPI casinos for real money, along with the welcome bonuses that await new players.

Casino brand

Minimum deposit

Welcome bonus

Wagering requirement

Other payment methods and cryptocurrencies accepted



120% up to ₹5,000


PhonePe, Paytm, Google Pay

Bollywood Casino


100% up to ₹20,000 + 50 free spins


Net Banking, AstroPay, Bitcoin, Tether, PhonePe



100% up to ₹25,000


AirTM, AstroPay, PhonePe, Jeton, Neteller, MuchBetter, USDT



200% up to ₹3,000


PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe, Express Pay, Easy Pay



200% up to ₹24,000


Mastercard, Visa, Tether, AstroPay, PayTM, PhonePe

Best casino games for UPI deposits India

There are literally thousands of great casino games and sports matches at your convenience at the top UPI casinos.

These are just some of the recommendations we have for UPI gaming.

Casino game

Casinos where it is available


Free spins

Minimum bet or spin

Book of Wealth


Mancala Gaming



40 Mega Clover

Pin-up Casino




Andar Bahar





Dragon Tiger





Fan Tan





Positive and negative features of UPI payments in India casinos

It seems that there are no hidden negative characteristics of UPI, and that this payment method works like a charm at Indian casinos.

While this is mostly true, we’ve also picked up on what UPI is lacking.  



With the vast array of UPI mobile apps, chances are you are already using this payment method online

If you’re not an Indian citizen, you will have to find another choice for depositing

There are dozens of amazing casinos and betting sites in India that work with UPI

Money withdrawal can take a couple of days, and some banks charge an extra fee

There are no hidden fees or any surchargers when depositing with UPI

It is not anonymous, so if you wish to hide your transactions, choose another payment method

Indian players can count on the stunning bonuses, with reload offers proving popular in particular


You can make a deposit from wherever you are, provided you’ve linked your bank account


Great customer support that speaks your language


Use it for money withdrawal in majority of Indian gambling outlets online


UPI vs other payment methods in Indian trusted casinos

Plenty of things that come from India is up there with the best technology in the world, and digital wallets are among them. Yes, we’re talking about Indian alternatives to Google Pay, which you can also use for money deposits in licensed casinos.

Take a look.

Transaction method


Casino where it is available

Minimum deposit

Welcome bonus

Google Pay

The global giant has tried to rival UPI with its own service, and they are doing quite well. Alas, not that many casinos accept Google Pay at the moment

Pin-up Casino


100% up to ₹25,000


Even though it can work with UPI, you can also download PhonePe as a separate app. It provides some more stability, one could argue



100% up to ₹25,000 + 250 free spins


Use Tether to cover your tracks and initiate fast and secure crypto payments. Most of the casinos licensed in Curacao accept this method



100% up to ₹25,000

Frequently Asked Questions About UPI casinos India

Is it complicated to use UPI for real money deposits at Indian casinos?

No. In fact, if you’ve ever paid for something on the internet, you’ll be like fish in the water. The process takes just a few quick steps and the money will show up in your account instantly.

Is UPI safe for gambling online?

Yes. If you follow few simple rules of precaution, you shall not encounter any problems whatsoever when using UPI with online betting sites or top casino apps India. Just make sure you visit the official, legal websites.

Is there a low minimum deposit for UPI?

Yes, and at certain casinos, you can invest 100 rupees and start your gaming on a low note. Of course, you may also choose to invest several thousand rupees and make the best off the stunning welcome package offer.

Do I have to pay a fee when using UPI for casino deposits?

No. The transactions have no hidden fees or any surcharges. You can also track all of your banking transactions, so you will never feel that you’re not in control

What is the best UPI app for mobile phone?

There are plenty of them, though millions of people have downloaded BHIM after the latest update. But whichever app you choose, you can be sure that it supports UPI casino payments. They all do.