List of online casinos that accept Tether

It seems it was only a couple of years ago that we were obliged to pay with everything in Rupees, using hard cash. Nowadays, everything is online, and the advances in technology brought us something straight from sci-fi movies – digital money.

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage now and while they’re not technically accepted everywhere, there are more and more outlets that you accept crypto. Modern casinos were the first to embrace the new technology, so when you hear “real money casinos” don’t be surprised that it also includes cryptocurrency.

One of the leading stablecoins (we’ll tell you about those in a minute) is Tether. USDT, as it is also known, has plenty of things going for it, and it’s become a trusted payment method in Indian casinos and international betting sites.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to use the crypto-phenomenon to your advantage, how to make deposit with cryptocurrencies from India, and whether you are eligible for a hefty welcome bonus when depositing via Tether.

Here is our expert guide to Tether casinos India, with a list of best Tether gambling sites.

What is Tether and why this stablecoin works in Indian casinos?

There are plenty of advantages of cryptocurrencies, like their speed, anonymity, and ease of access. To be frank, you can acquire cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum with no questions asked.

But they do come with a caveat, or a downside, indeed. Most of the cryptocurrencies are volatile, so the amount of money in Rupees that you have might vary by the minute, if not by the second. They can also be a bit complicated for newbies.

That is where USDT comes into play. Tether is by far the most popular stablecoin, which means that its value is pegged to US dollar. In practice, this means that when you have 100 USDT, it’s just like having 100 USD in your wallet – only faster and a bit cooler.

Stablecoins have all the pros of cryptocurrencies with none of the disadvantages. That is why online casinos in India accept Tether and similar stablecoins – but it’s only the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Here is why payment via Tether in Indian real money casinos is worthwhile.

  1. Let’s clear things up at the very beginning: cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Yes, it’s still a new technology, so some of the teething troubles are to be expected, but it seems that crypto has weathered the storm. So don’t worry about investing in crypto – there are plenty of ways to spend the money from your cryptowallet.
  2. Speaking of which, we’ve found dozens of legal casinos operating in India that are crypto-friendly. Even those that have for years stayed away from crypto are now adding it as the payment method. You can find Tether casinos in India, Asia, and throughout the world.
  3. We’ve touched on the subject already, but there is a huge difference between Tether and Bitcoin or Ethereum. USDT is a resilient currency, which is always worth as much as US Dollar, so there’s no need to sweat about the market swings or to check the value of your portfolio every day.
  4. When you make a deposit or replenish your account with Tether, there will usually be no transaction fee involved. Furthermore, it is fairly easy, and we’ll show you how to do it in just a few quick steps.
  5. Tether is perfect if you want to remain anonymous when playing casino games in India. Sure, you will need to register and verify your account, but no one can track your transactions easily.
  6. That, of course, does NOT mean that USDT is not secure. On the contrary, crypto apps are really hard to hack, if you follow the rules of course.
  7. There is a minimum threshold for depositing via Tether, but that’s only one part of the story. The majority of casinos will not have a maximum amount cap that you can invest – which means more fun.
  8. While we’re on the subject of fun, you can play any and every casino game with Tether deposits. And if a casino also boasts a sportsbook, that can be your playground, too. To top it off, there are some casinos offering slots for cryptocurrencies..
  9. Even though there are some Indian casinos with no welcome bonus for cryptocurrencies, USDT can be another thing altogether. Make your first deposit with Tether and you’ll get a great bonus to start your game.

Is it hard to deposit with Tether in online casino India?

To answer that quickly – no, it is not. Of course, you will need to buy some cryptocurrency first, but that’s nothing to be afraid of. On the contrary, if you own a mobile phone, an internet connection and any mean of payment online, you can get some Tether in no time.

Indian cryptocurrency fans tend to use what is called “crypto exchange” to obtain Tether. Some of the well-known brands are or Binance. You can purchase any amount of Tether and store it in your crypto-wallet for a very low fee.

Sounds good? The fun is about to start, don’t worry. Let’s take a look at some of the top Indian casinos, covered by the website, and learn how to deposit in them.

  1. Use your casino login information after registering, and tap the “Deposit” button on the main page. You can do this via betting or casino app, of course.
  2. Select Tether from the list of payment methods. Sometimes it is singled out, and in some cases you will need to click on “Cryptocurrencies” tab first. But look for the green letter T – it’s a universally recognised symbol for USD Tether.
  3. The system will show you the address – it looks like a lot of letters and numbers. But don’t worry, you won’t need to type it up. Just copy and paste this address to your USDT wallet.
  4. Just to make sure, double-check that you’ve pasted correctly. You don’t want to miss this step, trust us.
  5. Enter the sum that you wish to put into your account. If there is a fee for this trade, you’ll be notified.
  6. The transaction will be confirmed on the blockchain in a few seconds. Some cryptocurrencies take a bit more time, but USDT is the speed champion.
  7. That is it – the money will be in your account, and you can start playing.

How to rate best USDT casinos?

This all sounds lovely, of course, but the devil is often in the details. What we mean by that is that those little things separate decent casinos from great casinos – and our experts love the latter.

That is why we’ve prepared a series of honest casino reviews for top Indian gambling sites. Check out our presentation of ever-so-popular 22Bet casino by following the link.

When it comes to Tether casinos, these are the features that we’ve used to rate them.

  • While USDT and other cryptocurrencies have become a legal tender, that does not mean  you can just go and make payment at the first gambling site you encounter. Make sure that they are licensed, by checking all the required information.
  • There are literally dozens of crypto casinos, and at least 90% of them will accept Tether. But there are still some that do not, which is why our expert reviewers always make a list of all the deposit methods for each casino.
  • Tether is one of the fastest stablecoins you can find. But still, there are casinos that can guarantee the fastest deposit and withdrawal time when using USDT.
  • Some casinos will let you transfer your winnings back to your cryptowallet. Some other, though, will require another means of withdrawal.
  • Even if you are very savvy when it comes to crypto, there can always be a problem or two. The best way to solve them is to contact the customer support of a casino, and thankfully our recommended casinos excel in this category.
  • Unfortunately, some Indian casinos will not offer a welcome bonus for crypto deposits. Make sure you pick a gambling site with a juicy welcome bonus.
  • On the other hand, there are precious casinos that will have reserved special offers for depositing with Tether. It doesn’t have to be a welcome bonus – a crypto reload bonus will work just fine.
  • Kindly note that even those alternative casinos bonuses will have a wagering requirement that will need to be fulfilled before withdrawing money to your account. The lower it is, the better you will feel about it.
  • The best Indian casinos will have a vast array of game providers, slot machines and table games. Browse freely before you decide on the casino – or just listen to our recommendation.

List of best Indian casinos for Tether and other cryptocurrencies

Now let’s look at the best casinos that work with Tether in 2023. Indeed, it also means that they accept other cryptocurrencies, including those meme-coins like Dogecoin or Shiba Inu.

Casino brand

Minimum deposit

Welcome bonus

Wagering requirement

Other payment methods and cryptocurrencies accepted



200% up to ₹24,000


PhonePe, PayTM, AstroPay, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum



550% up to ₹155,000 + 290 free spins


NEFT, UPI, PayTM, Bhim, Jio, IMPS, Shiba Inu, Polkadot

Bollywood Casino


100% up to ₹20,000 + 50 free spins


UPI, PhonePe, Net Banking, Bitcoin



100% up to ₹8,000


Bank transfer, AstroPay, Visa, Skrill, ecoPayz, Litecoin



200% up to ₹100,000 + 75 free spins


PhonePe, UPI, NEFT, Google Pay, Ethereum, Bitcoin

Top slots and casino games for Tether deposits

There are thousands of attractive casino games waiting for you at the very best USDT casinos in India. We’ve chosen the ones that were most popular in the spring of 2023. In such casinos, games like Andar Bahar are also popular.

Casino game

Casinos where it is available


Free spins

Minimum bet or spin

Money Train 3


Relax Gaming



Baba Yaga Tales


3 Oaks Gaming

Buy Feature


Andar Nights

Dafabet Casino




One Day Teen Patti Classic





Blackjack VIP 1

Bollywood Casino




Pros and cons of Tether cryptocurrency payments in online casinos India

If you haven’t tried cryptocurrencies by now, you’re missing a lot of fun. But we understand that some customers are just wary of all the novelties, especially because Bitcoin isn’t always portrayed in a positive light by the media.

Still, we firmly believe you should at least buy a couple of USDT and see for yourself what the hype is all about. Here are our pros and cons of USDT.



USDT is a stablecoin – it’s not volatile and users need not worry about market trends

There are no welcome bonuses for cryptocurrency deposits in certain casino apps or betting sites

Tether is a good place to start if you want to get into cryptocurrencies

It is rare nowadays, but some Indian casinos still won’t accept USDT

Dozens of leading Indian online casinos list Tether as their recommended payment method

There are limits to whether you can withdraw money via USDT to your cryptowallet

You can deposit with just a couple of USDT, and sometimes even less – the minimum amount is prtty low


All the transaction are anonymous and pretty fast


There are special bonuses for replenishing your account with Tether or similar cryptocurrencies


What about some other payment options for trusted Indian casinos?

We get it, you might be old-fashioned, and you’re not crazy about all this crypto mumbo-jumbo. Well, just for you, we’ve handpicked some of the alternative deposit methods in real money casinos India.

Transaction method


Casino where it is available

Minimum deposit

Welcome bonus


Probably the most popular digital payment device in India is very gladly accepted by the majority of casinos in India. There are plenty of reasons why, as we’ve argued in our Paytm review



100% up to ₹120,067

Google Pay

Probably the most famous internet company in the world is now trying hard to win Indian market. Google Pay is simple to use, especially with Android devices – and plenty of casinos, too

Pin-up Casino


100% up to ₹25,000


A single mobile app to manage different bank accounts? It is possible, and it’s called UPI. With UPI app, you can easily replenish your casino account



200% up to ₹100,000

Frequently Asked Questions About Tether (USDT) 2023

Can I use Tether to deposit in Indian online casinos?

Yes. Although there are some casinos that still haven’t embraced cryptocurrencies, the vast majority will actually encourage you to use crypto, and especially USDT.

Is USDT safe for depositing money?

Yes. Some media accounts will tell you that cryptocurrencies are not that secure, but if you use them wisely and follow all the procedures, they can be your best bet.

Is there a maximum deposit amount for Tether?

No. While you will be able to deposit as low as ₹100 with this stablecoin, only sky is the limit when it comes to maximum amount. Be mindful of your transactions, though, as casino games should always be fun.

Do I need to pay a fee when depositing with crypto like USDT?

No. If there is a transaction fee, it is not paid to the casino, but as a fee to the blockchain. But it is usually just of symbolic value, less than 1% of the total value.

Is it complicated to make a deposit using cryptocurrencies like Tether?

No. Of course, you will need to have a cryptowallet with some digital money in it. You can easily grab a crypto exchange app and buy some coins – then transfer them to your casino account using our helpful guide in this article.